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Business Insurance

Major insurance providers will say everything you need to hear so they can write the policy on your business insurance. When you call their corporate office they read from their script with confidence, assuring you that they would be great partners that can meet every need you have right now. In some cases they might be right; but wouldn’t you prefer to have an independent company with years of experience helping you make such an important decision? Black’s Insurance has clients all across the business spectrum and many years of experience helping our clients seek claims after the unforeseen occurs. We use all of this experience to help you choose the insurance coverage best equipped to meet your business needs. Don’t trust your business insurance to a sales pitch; allow our access to a great selection of major insurance providers and years of experience work on behalf of your company.

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Commercial Property Insurance

Only 16% of Americans are business owners – so, an even smaller portion of people fall into the category of commercial property owners. Congratulations on being one of the select few; and remember that protecting your commercial property can only be done when you and your insurance agent take every possible scenario into account. Preparing for the possibility of flooding, hurricanes, wind damage, slip and fall, fire and much more is a necessity when you own your own commercial property in Florida. How much general liability insurance do you need? What steps are you taking to increase the safety of every person under your business’ roof? Should you carry the mandatory minimum as designated by the state of Florida or should you pick a more robust insurance policy? Black’s Insurance knows - and you should too.

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Commerical Vehicle Insurance

For many Florida businesses commercial vehicles are a necessity. What’s even more important is that your business has enough insurance protection to safe guard you, the employee who operates your vehicle and every other Floridian that’s driving near your vehicle on the roads. No one ever intends to get into an accident, but they still happen. Poorly skilled drivers, hazardous road conditions, cellular phones and other agitators are constant catalyst to make you the business owner ask; what’s necessary to safeguard my company? What isn’t necessary is paying for more coverage than you need - or worse needing more coverage than you’re currently paying for. How much will your insurance go up in the case of a fender bender? Will your insurance company pay for damages caused by another driver immediately - or pursue the at fault driver on your behalf? Black’s Insurance knows - and you should too.

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General Liability Insurance

Benjamin Franklin said it best, “if you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.” In selecting commercial insurance it is necessary to be prepared for all possible scenarios and making these plans with the advice of your lawyer and a trusted insurance agent is advised. In Florida numerous policies fall under the commercial insurance label with some that are very broad while others are almost too specific. For instance, “Umbrella Coverage” seems like it would cover all of your commercial insurance needs much like the name states. But it’s merely a secondary layer of coverage on top of your existing commercial insurance policies to guard against major claims and lawsuits. Should you buy every type of commercial insurance coverage? Does how much you spend on commercial insurance reflect the quality of your policy? Do you need professional liability insurance or general liability insurance? Black’s Insurance knows - and you should too.

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