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Florida Roofing Contractor Insurance

There are always things you need to be extra careful about when starting your roofing business. Little details that can actually determine whether you are safe and successful or not. Out of all people, we know best what running a roofing company looks like and what kind of situations you can expect. With over 11 years of experience in the Florida Roofing Business Insurance sector, we can safely say we know what you should be looking for when choosing an insurance for your roofing company.

There are multiple types of insurance plans you should be looking for, as you want your business, your employees and your customers and not only protected from any kind of harm.

We, at Black’s Insurance understand the importance of safety and are here to help you decide what your business needs

Insurance represents a key part of your roofing contractor business. It keeps you protected and allows you to operate legally under Florida laws and regulations. Moreover, it represents a mandatory aspect when looking to get licensed, to bid on jobs and to generally run your business at the highest possible level.

Do roofers in Florida need insurance?

Roofing is no easy job, that’s for sure. Steep heights are the main peril, whether we’re talking about residential or commercial roofing projects. As this kind of environment represents a risk for workers, insurance is needed to keep your business and your employees protected.

Generally, customers are more inclined to choose a roofing company that is insured. Simply because it offers them the peace of mind of knowing that in case something unwanted happens, the contractor is covered. Every single one of us wants to make sure that everything we’re planning goes accordingly, but why not make sure you are covered just in case?

Insurance plans are here to protect you, your business and your customers from any type of injuries, property damage, stolen goods and other mishaps.

Statistics say that roofers have the 5th highest rate of mortality in the construction field, summing up to 29.9 deaths per 100.000 full time workers.

There always are certain risks, no matter the size of the job. That’s why Florida laws and regulations make an insurance plan mandatory when running a roofing business. Keeping your business and your customers safe should is why you need an insurance!

Sometimes, accidents happen. Whether we’re talking about injured employees, stolen or damaged tools and equipment or medical bills in case something happens, these are the important things to take into account. All these situations can become a real problem, so it’s best to avoid them and make sure everything is covered.

What kind of insurance do I need for my roofing business?

When starting a roofing business finding the ideal type of insurance for your business can be a time-consuming process. There are multiple types of insurance available on the market, each focusing on certain aspects, based on the Florida laws and regulations. Generally, they are differentiated by the time of the year you run your roofing business, the services your business has to offer and even the type of employees you hire (either subcontractors or staff members).

Types of insurance for your roofing contractor business

These are some of the insurance types you will be looking for. Protecting you, your business and your customers, these types of insurance plans are meant to cover most encountered scenarios in the roofing industry. Keep in mind that Florida laws require roofing contractors and business owners to have an insurance plan active when running your business. This way, you are protected against unwanted lawsuits and other legal actions in case something happens.

  • General Liability InsuranceThis type of insurance is required by most business in Florida. The general liability insurance for roofing contractors is designed to protect business owners and their customers in case someone is injured at your place of business or if an employee causes damage to a customer’s property or causes any other sort of accident.The General Liability insurance plan also covers situations where a hired contractor causes any type of damage and also takes care of the medical bills in case something happens on your property.
  • Worker’s compensation insuranceKeeping your employees and customers safe should be one of your main concerns when running a roofing business. Steep heights and dangerous places, generally speaking are the main dangers a roofer faces on a daily basis. Regardless of fault, this insurance plan helps you cover medical bills in case of injuries or other accidents happen.
  • Commercial auto insuranceCommercial auto insurance varies from personal auto insurance. It’s a good idea to consult with one of the roofing contractor insurance agents to determine when commercial auto policies make sense for your fleet. Similar to personal auto insurance, the commercial auto typically will cover liability, collision, comprehensive, personal injury protection and uninsured motorist coverage. Commercial vehicle insurance policies often involve other considerations worth discussing with us; including eligibility, definitions, exclusions, and limits.
  • Contractor’s tools and equipment insuranceA worker is nothing without his tools. A must have, this insurance plans helps roofers pay for repair or replacement of tools and equipment, whether they are broken or stolen. Having this insurance plan helps you protect your business and keep it running, no matter the circumstances.

Three Primary Benefits of Using an Insurance Broker For Your Florida Roofing Contractor Insurance

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Brian Dozark joined Black’s Insurance in July 2010 as the Commercial Insurance Department Manager. He was born in California however spent most of his formative years in Germany where his parents were part of the Department of Defense American School system.
After graduating from University of South Florida with a B.S degree, Brian settled in Temple Terrace, Florida. Brian is very active in his community as the president of the Florida Soccer Club. He is also a youth soccer coach and the Head Boys Soccer Coach at King High School in Tampa, FL.
Brian is married to his wife Bamby and has 3 children; Konner, Baylee & Karsyn.

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