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New Mexico Hotel & Motel Insurance

Owners of successful motels and hotels are amongst the most intelligent entrepreneurs because they’ve chosen the sector of the hospitality industry which is equivalent to operating multiple businesses under one roof. Put that intelligence to good use and hire Black’s Insurance to help you find the insurance coverage you need at a price you can afford. Do what motel and hotel owners have to do on a daily basis and delegate. Black’s Insurance has the knowledge to decipher the complicated plans, evolving regulations and pair you with the right providers to aid your business during unforeseen circumstances.

At Black’s insurance we’re prepared to cover all aspects of your hotel or motel business starting with a few that we’ve listed below.

Hotel and Motel Property Insurance

As a hotel and motel owner, your property is your primary source of income. Hotel and Motel Property Insurance can help to restore lost or reduced income as a result to circumstantial property damage. Coverage can also protect against losses to valuable equipment, furniture, refrigeration units, washing machines, electronics and other materials integral to your business.

General liability insurance

Don’t be fooled into thinking that General Liability is all your motel or hotel needs. It’s merely one necessary layer of protection which covers you, your employees and all others who comes to your business.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Every hospitality based company with one or more employees must have workers compensation insurance. This layer of protection covers your corporation and its employees against any and all on-the-job injuries.

Business Interruption Insurance

This insurance keeps your doors open in the event that an issue for which you are already covered occurs to your motel or hotel. It covers repairs, or impassable roads keep your guests away amongst other things. You can rely on business interruption coverage to provide you with sufficient income to allow you pay your monthly expenses and employee salaries.

Umbrella coverage

Covers excess liability charges. It can also save your motel or hotel from bankruptcy following a catastrophic event like a hurricane, flood or other acts of God.

Hotel Business Insurance

This includes, but is not limited to business interruption coverage, general property coverage, equipment breakdown coverage, food spoilage coverage, crime coverage and utility interruption coverage.

Why Black’s Insurance?

It’s likely that your insurance needs extend past what we’ve identified above. It’s best to reach out to us; an independent insurance agency that will take the time to assess your current and future needs while working to help you stay protected for years to come. You will receive fast, personal attention from your Black’s Insurance agent throughout the initial policy implementation process. Black’s Insurance will review all of your policies annually to make sure you’re still getting the best price and the best coverage available.

Three Primary Benefits of Working With an Insurance Broker For Your New Mexico Business Insurance


Save time

You don't need to spend hours or even days doing the research. We do it for you.


Save money

We will find you the best coverage at the best price!


Peace of Mind

We have the level of experience and knowledge to advise you on a suitable level of coverage.

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Brian Dozark Commercial Insurance

Brian Dozark

Commercial Insurance Manager

Brian Dozark joined Black’s Insurance in July 2010 as the Commercial Insurance Department Manager. He was born in California however spent most of his formative years in Germany where his parents were part of the Department of Defense American School system. After graduating from University of South Florida with a B.S degree, Brian settled in Temple Terrace, Florida. Brian is very active in his community as the president of the Florida Soccer Club. He is also a youth soccer coach and the Head Boys Soccer Coach at King High School in Tampa, FL. Brian is married to his wife Bamby and has 3 children; Konner, Baylee & Karsyn.

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