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Ohio Restaurant Insurance

Does your Ohio Restaurant, Bar, Tavern, Cafe Have The Right Insurance Coverage?

In the world of restaurants it’s necessary to have great food, a clean location and a great staff.  It’s just as important to have the proper insurance!  Whether we like it or not we live in a time where claims and litigation can put you out of business as fast as you started your business.  Your years of planning, work and monetary investment can be gone in a flash if you don’t carry the proper insurance for your respective restaurant.

The 5 most common claims with Restaurants are:

  1. Property damage from kitchen fires
  2. Slip and fall injuries
  3. Employees getting hurt on the job
  4. Foodborne illness
  5. Mechanical equipment failures

Does your current insurance protect you from these type claims?

If your Restaurant serves beer, wine and/or liquor you better have Liquor Liability AND Assault & Battery insurance as well as a written, practiced plan on dealing with unruly, intoxicated patrons.   If your Bar has a dance floor and serves beer, wine or liquor…you can imagine the claims that have occurred and will continue to occur.


While most claims are legitimate many are not.  Unfortunately, many law firms today actively pursue litigation.   This is evident based on the number of commercials on TV, billboards along our roadsides etc.  It’s your job as an Ohio business owner to properly protect your business!  At Black’s Insurance we can assist you with the coverages you need to protect your restaurant interests and security!

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