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Louisiana HVAC Contractor Insurance

Being a Louisiana HVAC contractor is a challenging profession. You are either dealing with the extreme heat of a Louisiana attic while installing an air handler or outside burning up while installing a new condenser unit. No matter what you are doing, it’s tough work. It also can be dangerous work. Whether you are working on residential or commercial, repairs or new construction, there are always risks associated with the job. This is why many Air Conditioning contractors turn to Black’s Insurance as their preferred insurance broker. We understand the challenges to keeping you and your entire AC contracting company safe. As one of the key decision makers for your company, you know the importance of making sure you keep your entire team and company safe.
With combined 80 years of experience in providing guidance and policies to Louisiana contractors, we can safely say we know what you should be looking for when choosing the best HVAC insurance for your specific company needs. We help you get the right coverage at the right price.

Black’s Insurance considers that one of the most important aspects of a business is making sure the entire range of risks is covered, from a small mistake when repairing a unit, to employee injury, to commercial vehicle liability and more.

Do HVAC contractors in Louisiana need insurance?

Insurance represents a key part of your HVAC contractor business. It keeps you protected and allows you to operate legally under Louisiana laws and regulations. Moreover, it represents a mandatory aspect when looking to get licensed, to bid on jobs and to generally run your business at the highest possible level. Besides that, people, in general, are willing to hire an insured HVAC contractor, so that if any unpredicted event takes place, the company is covered and that gives the customer a higher level of trust and peace. Even if in the case of most companies in the HVAC field, things are well planned and a professional knows what he is doing, especially since he has a certain experience in the field, it is better to make sure that employees are safe and risks are covered, just in case.
Insurance plans are here to protect you, your business and your customers from any type of injuries, property damage, stolen goods and other mishaps.

As an HVAC contractor, when it comes to the risks your HVAC technicians are exposed to, your priority is to have them covered. Among the threats that your domain includes, are fatigue related mistakes, electrocution, exposure to toxic asbestos, a fall from a considerable height, auto accidents and many more.
One of our jobs at Black’s Insurance is to ensure your employees are covered from the risks associated with the job.

Types of HVAC Contractor Insurance

  • HVAC General Liability Insurance
    In some cases, your general liability policy covers products liability – for the products you sell to your clients, as A/C units, if the case, premises liability – which refers to bodily injury that you or your employees can face at the office and also completed operations – for example, when offering repairs to a client, an unexpected damage is occurring.
  • HVAC Contractor Commercial Auto Insurance
    The company vehicle that you are using when going to your customers home or commercial space, also needs insurance, as it is a business asset. This vehicle is covered by commercial auto insurance, which is offering a pretty wide coverage for your business vehicle, in case an accident would happen, including body or asset injury, vandalism and theft.
  • HVAC Contractor Inland Marine Insurance
    Inland marine insurance is a special type of insurance policy that protects property that is in transit. When you are driving to a customer’s residence or commercial space, both of the properties are covered, meaning that any type of accident or theft that happen while you are in move from one place to the other is covered, and also repairs.
  • HVAC Contractor Contractors Employee Dishonesty Insurance
    Employee dishonesty insurance covers the risk of an employee stealing money or equipment from your company, but also vandalism or other crimes committed by your employees. You, as the company owner, will need to make sure that all of these risks are covered, no matter what.
  • HVAC Contractor Workers’ Compensation
    If, as an HVAC contractor in the state of Louisiana, you have more than one employee, your company needs workers compensation insurance. Besides the fact that this is legally required, this is going to protect your employees against any of the work related risks, as injuries or others, mentioned above. Their injuries and any other medical costs are covered by a worker’s compensation insurance, so you would not need to deal with these costs or a lawsuit.
  • HVAC Contractor Umbrella Insurance
    There are limitations that all the other types of insurances have. Umbrella liability insurance is aimed to increase these liability limits for all of the risks covered by these types of insurances and make sure that a wider range of risks is properly covered. If prevention is not possible, as many of the events are unpredictable, it is vital that you are covered in case they occur.

All these being said, we, at Black’s, can help you get the right type of insurance and coverage for your needs. Keep in mind that we will work closely with you, to make sure you will also get the best price for the risks your HVAC contractor insurance needs to cover.


Protecting you, your business and your customers, these types of insurance plans are meant to cover most encountered scenarios in the heating and air conditioning industry. Keep in mind that Louisiana laws require HVAC contractors and business owners to have an insurance plan active when running your business. This way, by getting Black’s Insurance’s help, you are protected against unwanted lawsuits and other legal actions in case something happens.

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