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Liquor Liability Insurance Florida

After you’ve made the decision to become a purveyor of beer, wine and/or spirits your next step is to reach out to Black’s Insurance to ensure that you protect both yourself and your assets from uncertainty. Many Florida business owners that sell liquor assume that having general business liability is enough to cover all unexpected occurrences. Assumption of that nature will help close your doors and possibly have your liquor license revoked. Whether you own a liquor store in Tampa, a convenient store in Lakeland, supermarket in the pan handle, a bar in Dade County, tavern, grill, a hot new night club in Miami or just a temporary event – you should trust the professionals with a track record of success. Black’s Insurance has helped many Florida business owners in meeting these needs and exceeding the expectations of our liquor selling clients.

Black’s Insurance works only with A-rated insurance companies to provide a complete range of business insurance policies, including:

Employee inclusion

This policy covers potential instances in which an irresponsible employee drinks on the job.

Assault and battery claims

This policy ensures that after a person is served in your establishment you’re not held responsible for their poor decisions.

Damages to people and property

This policy ensures that if you didn’t break it, you’re not personally responsible for paying for it.

Legal defense costs

This policy is important because when alcohol is involved; you can either have the proper insurance to cover your legal defense or you’ll be forced to pay for it all out of pocket.

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Three Primary Benefits of Using an Insurance Broker For Your Liquor Liability Insurance

Save Time
You don't need to spend hours or even days doing the research. We do it for you.
Save Money
We will find you the best coverage at the best price!
Peace of Mind
We have the level of experience and knowledge to advise you on a suitable level of coverage.

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