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Auto Garage Insurance Florida

Preventative maintenance, quality diagnostics and competent repairs are necessary basics to ensure that a car is operating properly and will last as long as possible. Black’s Insurance uses the same basics to ensure that your business keeps running as effectively as your engine. As an independent insurance agency Black’s shops your policy to multiple companies and helps you choose the carrier best suited to meet your businesses needs. All of this is done in an effort to ensure that unforeseen circumstances remain a minor pothole on your road to continued success.

You might be perfect, but we all know service techs make mistakes every day. Make sure that the mistakes of your employees don’t keep you from providing for your family and your customers. Garage keepers insurance, garage liability insurance, equipment breakdown insurance, income protection insurance, general business insurance and medical payments coverage are all different policies that might pertain to protecting your automotive repair shop. Let Black’s explain the differences and help you choose the necessities based on your current business model.

Potential Risks At Your Automotive Repair Shop

General Liability Insurance for Your Auto Garage

  • Protects Against On Premise Injuries
  • Workmanship or Faulty Parts Being Used For Repairs.

Garage Property Insurance

  • Building
  • Tools
  • Business Personal Property

Garage Keepers Insurance

  • Stolen Customer Vehicles
  • Vandalized Customer Vehicles
  • Natural Disaster Damage to Customer Vehicles

Three Primary Benefits of Using an Insurance Broker For Your Auto Garage Insurance

Save Time
You don't need to spend hours or even days doing the research. We do it for you.
Save Money
We will find you the best coverage at the best price!
Peace of Mind
We have the level of experience and knowledge to advise you on a suitable level of coverage.

Meet one of our Auto Garage Insurance agents


Brian Dozark joined Black’s Insurance in July 2010 as the Commercial Insurance Department Manager. He was born in California however spent most of his formative years in Germany where his parents were part of the Department of Defense American School system.
After graduating from University of South Florida with a B.S degree, Brian settled in Temple Terrace, Florida. Brian is very active in his community as the president of the Florida Soccer Club. He is also a youth soccer coach and the Head Boys Soccer Coach at King High School in Tampa, FL.
Brian is married to his wife Bamby and has 3 children; Konner, Baylee & Karsyn.

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